inte på det bästa humöret kan man säga ....

why everything bad happens to me.
no matter what it is I who started it all.
why should it always be so?
to become acidic is one thing, but to become acidic for anything, it is quite another matter.
all may know that they can blame me, because I do not want to argue with.
but I am actually a person, a person with feelings just like you.
I feel like I've ruined everything between you, though I do not really have anything to do with it.
so I need you now more than ever.
determined that the substance might not be interesting enough for you, it is usually supposed to be so.
but now it's actually time for you to see me.
to see me for who I am.
and those who want to be with me, for who I really am.
and no one listens to me when I try to explain.
so how can it solve itself then?
and answer me this question also:
I am really your friend?


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